Matthew Kayrish, P.E.

Technical Patent Expert in Kansas City, MO

Matthew Kayrish is an electrical engineer with over 15 years of experience in a wide variety of technical and leadership roles, including four years as a Patent Examiner with the United States Patent & Trademark Office in Alexandria, VA. He holds multiple advanced degrees in electrical engineering and systems engineering from Virginia Tech, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering at the University of Missouri - Kansas City. His research focus is in image processing and machine learning, and has several technical papers written in image super resolution, PCA/LDA for Facial Recognition, and Smart Inverters. He is skilled at drafting and presenting technical material in many formats, including journal articles, conference papers, and in the many types of communications necessary for patent prosecution.

Through Matthew’s career, he has been exposed and become proficient in many areas of electrical engineering and computer science. He is well versed in artificial intelligence and machine learning, circuit design, embedded design, power systems and many other areas. In addition to his technical expertise, Matthew is a skilled project manager and technical leader. He has managed large scale defense and aerospace projects valued in excess of $1 billion through the program life-cycle. He is also a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) with a focus in power systems and electronics. 

In Matthew’s personal life, he is an active husband and father of two. He spends his free time on his boat with his family, or pursuing a Ph.D at UMKC in electrical engineering.