About Our Professional Development Series

At Sandberg Phoenix, we go beyond minimal continuing legal education (CLE) requirements so that we can emphasize our clients’ expectations and needs.  In particular, when planning and putting on in-house seminars and presentations as part of our Professional Development Series, we relate recent developments and trends to our clients and their businesses or goals.  In addition, we focus on practical tips and efficient ways to achieve desired results in the kinds of matters our clients ask us to handle.  We also record some presentations in the series for later use in training new associates.  When appropriate, we invite guest speakers, industry representatives, litigation experts, and clients to participate in some of our seminars.

For more information about the Sandberg Phoenix Professional Development Series, please contact Tim Sansone, Chair of Professional Development.

Highlights of Upcoming and Previous Seminars and Presentations

  • “Comments from the Bench,” presented by Judge Ellen Ribaudo of the Missouri Circuit Court for St. Louis County (guest speaker)
  • “Advanced Deposition Strategies,” presented by Keith Phoenix
  • “Social Media: Discovery, Ethics, Evidence & Sanctions,” presented by Michael Murray (guest speaker)
  • “Better Achievement Through Better Training: A Mentored Approach to the Craft of Writing,” presented by Mike Forster
  • “WHY Your Clients Want You to Engage and Involve Your Paralegal, NOW,” presented by Bhavik Patel
  • “Illinois Work Product and Attorney-Client Rules and Practice Recommendations,” presented by Ken BeanDavid Hoffman, and Untress Quinn
  • “How to Take a Case to Trial” Series
    • “The Last 100 Days Before Trial” (Part 1), presented by Steve Strum and David Hoffman
    • “Jury De-Selection and Opening Statements” (Part 2A), presented by Jonathan Ries and Keith Phoenix
    • “Thinking Your Way Through Jury Selection for an Insurance Case” (Part 2B), presented by Sam Holmes, Ph.D. (guest speaker)
    • “Letting Your Witnesses Shine: The Art of Direct Examination” (Part 3), presented by Andy Kasnetz and John Sandberg
    • “Cross-Examination and the Making and Handling of Objections at Trial” (Part 4), presented by Rodney Sharp and Lyndon Sommer
    • “Effective Use of Closing Argument and Jury Instructions” (Part 5), presented by John Gilbert and Casey Wong
    • “Post-Trial Motions and Claim Preservation” (Part 6), presented by Judge Paul Wilson of the Missouri Supreme Court (guest speaker)
  • “Collecting and Authenticating Digital Evidence and Electronically Stored Information (ESI) for Trial,” presented by Tim Sansone and Mohsen Pasha
  • “Strategies and Techniques with Health Law Experts,” presented by Dave Hoffman
  • “Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Biomechanics,” presented by Torrey Roberts (guest speaker) and Tim Niedbalski
  • “Business Succession Planning: Buy-Sell Agreements,” presented by Bhavik Patel and Kristy Bourgeois
  • “Federal Court Practice: Insight from the Clerk of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri,” presented by Gregory J. Linhares (guest speaker)
  • “Practical Tips in Handling and Reviewing Medical Records,” presented by Diane Robben
  • “How Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity Are Impacting and Will Impact Lawyers and Their Clients,” presented by Gabriella Lock and Brent Gustafson (guest speakers)


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