Values Team 1For more than 35 years, Sandberg Phoenix has maintained a reputation for providing extraordinary client services, backed by a guarantee that was among the first of its kind in St. Louis. In 2015, Sandberg Phoenix rolled out a comprehensive initiative that took the core values of the firm and developed them into a philosophy that drives the way each member interacts with clients and with one another on a daily basis. We live these values and integrate them into hiring, training, evaluation and marketing and communications to ensure that we achieve our aspirations of providing the best client service in the legal industry.

Our firm values are:

1. Put People First
At Sandberg Phoenix  we are in the business of people.   People are our product.  People are our customers.  Taking care of People is what we do and we set the example by putting our members first.  That means providing better benefits, providing better training, taking more time and caring more about our people than any other law firm.  Why?  That is exactly what we expect of our members when we serve our clients.  We set the example. We can’t ask our members to put our clients first if we don’t do the same for them.

2. Deliver Amazing Client Service
Sandberg Phoenix is client service.  It is our passion.  We strive to provide more than asked, earlier than requested and better than imagined.  We “wow” our clients daily.

3. Exemplify Unquestionable Integrity in all You Do
Our word is our bond.  We act at all times as if the client, the court and our members are watching.  When it comes to Integrity, there is only one way.

4. Build a Fun and Enjoyable Work Environment
Our subspecialty is fun:  We love what we do and we have fun doing it.  We know that enjoying our work, team, and environment leads to happier people, better service and satisfied clients.

5. Pursue Continuous Development and Learning
We push ourselves to improve every day.  We attract and retain talent not based upon what they have accomplished, but upon what they will accomplish.  We have an insatiable drive to become better every day and to never stop learning and improving.

6. Invest and Improve the Communities We Serve
We can’t do it alone and neither can the communities we serve.  We believe in continuous improvement for ourselves and our communities so we invest our time, talent and dollars to help our neighbors and neighborhoods.

7. Build a Positive Team and Collaborative Environment
We think team first.  We serve our clients and members best when we collaborate as a team.   Building a positive team and collaborative environment requires three ingredients:  Team, Collaboration and Positive attitude.  Teamwork improves results, strengthens the firm and is essential to helping our clients succeed.

8. Take Personal Responsibility
Each of us takes personal responsibility of process, product and results.  As Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here.”   Well, the “buck stops here” with each of us every day.  We own our work and our actions.

9. Treat Everyone with the Highest Degree of Respect and Empathy
We expect our people to treat everyone they meet with respect and empathy. We seek to understand and truly appreciate the best of everyone we encounter.

10. Deliver Value and  Excellence to Client and Firm
Each of us must deliver excellence and value to our clients and the firm.  We keep our standards at the top and our eye on the bottom line.


Sandberg Phoenix Values Champion

To celebrate individuals who live our firm values, Sandberg Phoenix recognizes one individual every other month who has gone above and beyond their responsibilities to make this a great place to work. Our current values champion and their contribution is below.

The Sandberg 7

June 2018 Values Winners

Jeff Dunn, Paul Tadrick, Tammy Netemeyer, Jennifer Copeland and Jeff Feltz
Not pictured – Tiffany Canon, Brett Scherrer and Sharon Stolte

Tiffany Canon, Tammy Netemeyer, Jennifer Copeland, Sharon Stolte, Brett Scherrer, Paul Tadrick and Jeff Feltz started out to move our Kansas City Plaza office from the 12h floor to the 10th floor.

The journey started on Thursday evening, May 31, when Tammy Netemeyer took to the road in her SUV, radio on and singing down Highway 70 with periodic check-ins by Mary Jennings. Paul and Brett followed suit down Highway 70 loaded down with computer hardware. Jeff Feltz joined fellow Southwest passengers as they waited through a 2-hour flight delay into Kansas City, getting in after midnight.

Friday brought Surprise No. 1 – another office in the building was moving so we had no freight elevator. Surprise 2 – the contractors were still working in the space. That didn’t stop the Sandberg 7; they helped inventory file space, packed, installed shelves, and made runs to Walmart for last minute finishes. After a long day Friday, unexpected storms blew in with high winds and rain. The Sandberg 7 team said they all slept through the storms and were surprised when they walked to the office on Saturday amongst the tree debris.

Saturday brought Surprise No. 3 – The Sandberg 7 made it to the office on Saturday morning with the movers on their way, the contractors scheduled to make those last minute finishes, and Charter to handle the IT connections. Jeff Feltz walked into the office looking for the light switches and NO LIGHT SWITCHES (and by the way, NO POWER!). The entire building was without power except for emergency lighting. That didn’t stop the Sandberg 7. They delayed the movers, the contractors worked with light from the windows, and the team focused on cleaning and organization of outer offices and common areas.

The team divided and conquered responsibilities. The power was eventually restored at 2:00 p.m.

Tammy Netemeyer led “Operation Kitchen Setup”. Surprise 4 – the contractors just finished the kitchen so the amount of saw dust, glue and dirt was plentiful. There was no clean-up crew. Tammy, Tiffany and Sharon were committed to a clean and organized kitchen for our Kansas City to enjoy their first cup of coffee Monday morning. They scrubbed and scrubbed!

In the meantime, Jeff Feltz was hanging shelves in the file rooms, unpacking files and managing the furniture moves.

Paul and Brett (with Jennifer joining on Sunday), set up and configured all computers, moved the server area and set up phones and printers, with all the IT resources being completed for Monday morning.

The Sandberg 7 worked until the late hours of Saturday night and started back up on Sunday morning. Sunday ended with the last file room being set up, name plates hung, vacuuming and visits to the trash dumpster. The Sandberg 7 arrived back on Monday morning to support the K.C. team as they were unpacking their offices and desks.

The Sandberg 7 went above and beyond in putting their weekend and time with their families on hold to put the move and our Kansas City members first. They pursued Continuous Learning & Development – they are now expert movers!  There is no doubt they worked as a team and provided excellent service to our internal client – the K.C. members. Finally, they each took personal responsibility for their roles outlined during the move and personal responsibility for achieving the goal of the office being up and running on Monday.

All seven are Values Champions.

Nominated by Mary Jennings


Sandberg Phoenix Values Videos

Our members are committed to living our values and spreading awareness across the firm. In that vein, members have written, directed and starred in videos depicting some situations where we have excelled at our goals, as well as some humorous scenarios where we would not! Take a look on the Sandberg Phoenix YouTube Page.

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