Values Team 1For more than 35 years, Sandberg Phoenix has maintained a reputation for providing extraordinary client services, backed by a guarantee that was among the first of its kind in St. Louis. In 2015, Sandberg Phoenix rolled out a comprehensive initiative that took the core values of the firm and developed them into a philosophy that drives the way each member interacts with clients and with one another on a daily basis. We live these values and integrate them into hiring, training, evaluation and marketing and communications to ensure that we achieve our aspirations of providing the best client service in the legal industry.

Our firm values are:

1. Put People First
At Sandberg Phoenix  we are in the business of people.   People are our product.  People are our customers.  Taking care of People is what we do and we set the example by putting our members first.  That means providing better benefits, providing better training, taking more time and caring more about our people than any other law firm.  Why?  That is exactly what we expect of our members when we serve our clients.  We set the example. We can’t ask our members to put our clients first if we don’t do the same for them.

2. Deliver Amazing Client Service
Sandberg Phoenix is client service.  It is our passion.  We strive to provide more than asked, earlier than requested and better than imagined.  We “wow” our clients daily.

3. Exemplify Unquestionable Integrity in all You Do
Our word is our bond.  We act at all times as if the client, the court and our members are watching.  When it comes to Integrity, there is only one way.

4. Build a Fun and Enjoyable Work Environment
Our subspecialty is fun:  We love what we do and we have fun doing it.  We know that enjoying our work, team, and environment leads to happier people, better service and satisfied clients.

5. Pursue Continuous Development and Learning
We push ourselves to improve every day.  We attract and retain talent not based upon what they have accomplished, but upon what they will accomplish.  We have an insatiable drive to become better every day and to never stop learning and improving.

6. Invest and Improve the Communities We Serve
We can’t do it alone and neither can the communities we serve.  We believe in continuous improvement for ourselves and our communities so we invest our time, talent and dollars to help our neighbors and neighborhoods.

7. Build a Positive Team and Collaborative Environment
We think team first.  We serve our clients and members best when we collaborate as a team.   Building a positive team and collaborative environment requires three ingredients:  Team, Collaboration and Positive attitude.  Teamwork improves results, strengthens the firm and is essential to helping our clients succeed.

8. Take Personal Responsibility
Each of us takes personal responsibility of process, product and results.  As Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here.”   Well, the “buck stops here” with each of us every day.  We own our work and our actions.

9. Treat Everyone with the Highest Degree of Respect and Empathy
We expect our people to treat everyone they meet with respect and empathy. We seek to understand and truly appreciate the best of everyone we encounter.

10. Deliver Value and  Excellence to Client and Firm
Each of us must deliver excellence and value to our clients and the firm.  We keep our standards at the top and our eye on the bottom line.


Sandberg Phoenix Values Champion

To celebrate individuals who live our firm values, Sandberg Phoenix recognizes one individual every other month who has gone above and beyond their responsibilities to make this a great place to work. Our current values champion and their contribution is below.

Lori Hanlon, Senior Paralegal


Lori was nominated a while ago, but declined since she was on the Values Committee and didn’t think it was appropriate for her to be nominated.  She’s no longer on the committee and has no say in this, so here I go.

I’m sure that there are a lot of people at the firm that embody most (if not all) of the firm’s values – but unfortunately (or fortunately for me) I don’t work with others, I work with Lori. I can safely say that she lives all ten values:


  • She encourages her “team” on a daily basis to embrace and practice the values. She was practicing the values before the values were even created. Anyone that knows her knows what I’m saying is right. To list only a FEW of the things that she does for us:
  • She’s never too busy for anyone to stop and ask her a question.
  • The clients that she works with have a high degree of trust in her and have told her that they wished they had more files with her and our firm.
  • If she messes something up – or more accurately, if one of us does – she’s the first to own up to it and figure out a solution to how to fix the problem. She NEVER points fingers and would NEVER ridicule or dehumanize us.
  • Our department has very CONSISTENTLY received a 4.0 out of 4.0 rating on our client’s “Report Card” – which we have Lori to thank for achieving.
  • She makes us/buys us lunch to show her appreciation for all that we do.
  • She’s constantly attending seminars and sharing her findings with us so that we’re all “in the know” of what’s going on in the field or mortgage services.
  • I can’t begin to name all of the committees she’s on – she’s so supportive of the St. Louis paralegals groups that she’s a part of.
  • If you have something negative to say, go to Lori. She’ll turn it around so that you can see the positive in it and give you a new outlook on the situation.
  • If a client sends something over that needs to be done in an unreasonable amount of time (i.e., closing a property in 2 days at the ends of the month), she tells them we’ll do our best. That’s good enough for them because they know that’s the truth.
  • She leads by example and there is no one I’d rather have lead me than her. We’re not only lucky enough to work with her, we’re also fortunate enough to have her as our friend.


Nominated by Tracey Woll Matthews



Sandberg Phoenix Values Videos

Our members are committed to living our values and spreading awareness across the firm. In that vein, members have written, directed and starred in videos depicting some situations where we have excelled at our goals, as well as some humorous scenarios where we would not! Take a look on the Sandberg Phoenix YouTube Page.

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