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Professional Liability Blog

We explore and analyze current issues and relevant topics to help accountants, attorneys, architects and engineers, insurance agents and real estate brokers avoid a professional liability case.

Professional Liability Blog
May 3, 2015

Withdraw!  Withdraw!  Withdraw!  The Importance of Withdrawal in Legal Malpractice Actions

This legal malpractice action arose from an underlying suit a condo association (“Loftominium”) originally filed against a developer for defects in a building’s construction. Loftominium retained John Jacoby (“Jacoby”), McDonald Hopkins LLC (“McDonald”), and Nyhan, Bambrick Kinzie & Lowry, P.C. (“Nyhan”) as counsel in its suit against the developer.

Professional Liability Blog
August 27, 2014

Architectural Collaboration (or Not)

No doubt architecture is a difficult field, with much often at risk when things go wrong. In law, if an attorney’s work doesn’t hold up, things only metaphorically collapse. I would no more presume to offer an architect technical advice in his or her field than I would offer it to a surgeon.On the other hand, certain matters are obvious enough that an attorney can offer a suggestion or two. For example, a contract for architectural services will likely require an architect to deliver design plans that comply with the applicable building codes.